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The Invitation in the Fog

I awoke to a gloriously sunny spring day. Blue skies, not a cloud in sight. Perhaps, I thought, this might be a day for a walk on the beach. I checked the webcam on the coast. Yep, blue skies and sunshine there too. Perfect.

I drove over the hill to the Pacific coast. One of my favorite places in the world for a walk, to soak in the sun, listen to the waves crashing and marvel at the sun glistening on the ocean. I parked the car, walked over to my usual bench and sat down. The waves were breaking gently on the beach, the sun warmed my arms. Heaven on earth. I looked out past the waves and noticed the fog on the horizon, moving... not so slowly towards the beach. Argh. Within minutes I was enveloped in fog! No longer could I see the water, but only the ground just a few feet in front of me. I was all fogged in.

Well, I thought, so much for the sunny day on the beach. The fog completely obliterated the view that I had come all this way for. I was curious. I decided to walk along the beach and see what would happen if I could no longer rely on my sense of sight. What else might I be aware of?

I walked onto the sand and took off my shoes. The sand was still warm from when the sun had been shining just minutes earlier. It felt soft and inviting on my feet. I tuned into the sound of the waves that I couldn't see. They felt powerful as they broke and made their way up the beach towards me. I sensed the cool, damp fog brushing across my cheeks. Refreshing. I licked my lips. They tasted of salt. I tuned in deeper within my body. I felt gratitude. Gratitude for the fog which reminded me to go beyond my sense of sight as I relate to the world.

It made me wonder, what else am I missing when I experience the world primarily through what I see with my eyes? When I am noticing that the new hire is not up to speed with the content of the project, can I shift my focus to the impact his questions have on the team and the power of a beginner's mind? When I am frustrated by the project lead's lack of follow-through, am I overlooking the power of her presence and ability to inspire people? When I see my children fighting, am I forgetting how closely they are bonded?

Next time the fog rolls in, I will go to the beach. To tap into all my senses so I can see the unseen. What are you not seeing? What might you become aware of when the fog rolls in?

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