"Rachel has exceptional people skills, great sensitivity and intuition. She is truthful and compassionate, someone who can hold the space for the deeply honest conversations that are so often missing in corporations.
She understands the day to day realities of competitive business environments and is able to match this understanding with vision, ambition and a deep sense of purpose."

Lindsay Levin, Founder and Managing Partner, Leaders’ Quest

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel. I share her passion for pursuing excellence in an organization, through the development of senior leadership, seeking to align leadership style with deeply held beliefs."

Ivar C. Satero, CEO, San Francisco International Airport

"I can strongly recommend Rachel to others looking to advance their team's culture as well as a greater awareness of their own motivators and ambitions."

Keith Bigelow, GM and SVP, Salesforce.com

"Rachel brings insight to everything she does. I have been impressed by her quickness of mind, her ability to get to the core of people so quickly, and her capacity to integrate a broad span of knowledge and awareness. She simultaneously demonstrates gentleness and power to create the ideal environment for growth."

Kristen Janssen, Customer and Partner Relations, SAP

"Rachel is very committed to sustainability and leadership and is an accomplished presenter, facilitator and mentor. I have no hesitation in recommending her, as an individual with the qualities to deliver leadership programmes at a senior level for organisations of all sizes and types."

Francis Sullivan, Deputy Head of Corporate Sustainability and Adviser on the Environment, HSBC Holdings plc